Domestika Diary: Ale Rambar

Costa Rican architect and visual artist Ale Rambar opens the doors of his studio and reflects on what motivate his work

Ale Rambar's work has traveled the world: he has passed through prestigious national art galleries, accompanied the Costa Rican Olympic team in 2016 during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and was even selected to represent Costa Rica in the Beijing International Art Biennale.

His technique, based on the topographical analysis of the human form, uses three-dimensional compositions, made with layers of paper and assembled by hand, to talk about themes such as tolerance and equality. In this Domestika Diaries, Rambar shows us his personal studio and talks about the messages behind some of his most relevant works.

Discover what he had to say in the video below:

The artist's works, which represent the forms of the human body as if they were mountains, valleys, or rivers, require meticulous tracing, cutting and assembly. A visual artist with many personal projects and collections, Rambar carries out this process in his studio, a welcoming space with pink walls that echo the style of his work.

But beyond his original artistic style, the most important thing for him is that his work is a vehicle for the messages to which he has dedicated his career: tolerance, acceptance and equality among people, regardless of their gender, sexuality or race. These themes, which draw directly from his personal experience and the current events in his country, are particularly focused on the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.

In particular, his work "Almost there" was created to express the impossibility of marrying a partner, while denouncing the psychological and social obstacles that still exist around sexual orientation.

Domestika Diary: Ale Rambar 3

If you want to learn how to create your own three-dimensional compositions with Ale Rambar, find out how in his course 3D Portraits with Paper Layers.

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