Toon Me Challenge with Procreate

Marcos Chin, an illustrator specializing in digital techniques, uses drawing software Procreate as he faces the Toon Me Challenge

In recent months, the creative community has taken part in a new social media challenge that’s been dubbed “Toon Me.” It consists of an artist using a photo of their own face, and then illustrating over part of it to create an image that reflects their creative style and blends photography with drawing.

Marcos Chin (@marcoschinart) is an illustrator whose work has appeared in books, magazines, album covers, advertisements, and fashion catalogs, and his clients include Google, Starbucks, and The New Yorker.

Because the Toon Me challenge fuses imagination and humor, and Chin is an expert in both, when we challenged him to ‘toon himself he couldn’t resist. Check out the results below.

If you enjoyed this challenge and want to learn how to interpret a written text into a vibrant illustration filled with meaning, check out Marcos Chin’s online course, Composition and Color for Creative Illustration.


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