Download Free Mockups for Editorial Illustration

Illustrator Emma Hanquist shares magazine illustration templates for you to experiment with

All illustrators will have to consider taking on work for a magazine, in paper format or online at some point in their career. Many illustrators collaborate with such publications throughout their careers. Whether you want to focus on editorial illustration or design, practicing and revising your knowledge and skills in this area will always help you create attractive pages.

Swedish illustrator and designer Emma Hanquist (@emmahan) is an expert in creating illustrations for magazines and makes sure her work stands out with text.

Download Free Mockups for Editorial Illustration 2
Emma Hanquist
Download Free Mockups for Editorial Illustration 3
Emma Hanquist

Emma shares some mockups with us to practice adapting our illustrations for the pages of a magazine. You will find five .psd files (for working in Photoshop) to practice placing a spread, laying out pages with text, and creating a cover. Download the file and practice finding the best fit for your illustration in each different layer.

Download Free Mockups for Editorial Illustration 5
The initial view of a downloaded page

Look for a ZIP file in your Downloads folder containing the five .psd documents to practice five types of pages and a magazine cover.

This free download is available until July 3rd, 2020. If you would like to access the material after this date, sign up to Emma Hanquist’s course Editorial Illustration for Magazines, in which you will learn to use illustration as a communicative tool and boost an article with creativity.

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