Challenge: Designing an Album Cover in 15 Minutes

Designer and Illustrator Steve Simpson takes on the Domestika Challenge

Steve Simpson (@stevesimpson) has worked with major clients such as Disney Pixar, Adobe, and The Wall Street Journal, and has won over 50 awards from organizations like the Association of Illustrators. His distinctive and whimsical style has been applied to everything from children's toys, postage stamps, whiskey bottles, and hand-lettered packaging.

In this Domestika Challenge, the illustrator only has 15 minutes to design a custom album cover commemorating Queen’s 50th anniversary. Can he quickly come up with an original take on such a classic cover? Find out in the video below:

If you liked this Challenge with Steve Simpson, remember that you can learn how to combine illustration and hand lettered text to create cohesive album art in his online course The Art of Record Covers: Illustration Meets Lettering.

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