5 Procreate Timelapses to Inspire Your Illustration and Lettering Projects

Observe, enjoy and learn with these time-lapses on illustration and digital lettering

A timelapse is a video that compresses many hours or days into just a few seconds or minutes. It is ideal for sharing creative processes related to illustration, design or lettering. Aware of this fact, Procreate added a function that allows you to record your work process, save it as a video file and easily share it on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

At Domestika we love observing and learning from the best professionals and these timelapses have become the perfect way to discover their way of working. On the Domestika YouTube channel, you will find a playlist with exclusive timelapses made by a range of artists. Here, we recommend just five by some of the professionals who teach courses on our platform:

Creating Characters From Scratch, with Microbians (@microbians)

Gabriel Suchowolski, better known as Microbians, is a creative and art director specializing in character design. In this speed painting, he shows how to create an attractive character composition in Procreate, from the skeleton and the first sketch to the work of light and shadow, application of color and gradients, and the variation of lines.

Creating a Portrait, with Ceroker (@ceroker)

Camilo Gordillo or, as everyone knows him, Ceroker, is an urban artist and graphic designer who is dedicated to transforming spaces like rooms or ordinary street walls into extraordinary universes. He also creates illustrations and characters to tell his own stories. In this timelapse, he draws a portrait, step by step, starting from a photograph, using blocks of color, perfecting the shapes, adding details, and finishing it off with a set of brushes.

Illustrating From Scratch Using Fingers, with Jaime Sanjuán (@jaime_sanjuan_ocabo)

Jaime Sanjuán is an expert in digital painting with Procreate. He fell in love with this application thanks to the multiple pictorial techniques that he could learn on his iPad. Today, the pieces that this artist creates with his tablet and fingers are exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. Like this one, where he begins with a few lines and a layer of color, to later soften, give depth, add more tones, shadows, lights, and other elements that give birth to a hyper-realistic work.

Illustrating From Scratch, with Naranjalidad (@naranjalidad)

The illustrator Beatriz Ramo, better known as Naranjalidad, is an expert in creating pencil portraits with exquisite touches of color and combining traditional and digital drawing techniques. Such is the case in this timelapse, in which she begins making a piece with graphite and watercolor on paper, and later takes to the digital realm to add various elements and a touch of color, demonstrating that there are no limits for tools and creativity.

Lettering Design for a Restaurant, with Nubikini (@nubikini)

Calligraphy and lettering can also shine on a Procreate timelapse. Designer and typographic artist Nubikini dedicates her time and effort to these techniques and in the following speedpainting video she shares all the design, lettering and composition work behind a board made for a restaurant menu.

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