Free Download: #StayAtHome Embroidery Template

Adriana Torres is giving away an embroidery template with the inscription ‘Stay at home’ in her signature botanical typography

Argentinian designer Adriana Torres (@soymigadepan) has an eclectic background, having studied graphic design, architecture, fine arts, and illustration.

She created the brand Miga de Pan (tr. ‘Breadcrumb’) and has focused on embroidery for more than a decade. Her pieces are sold in shops in France, the United Kingdom, and South Korea, among others. Her specialty is stumpwork or raised embroidery.

Adriana Torres
Adriana Torres

Using a botanical alphabet she designed, Adriana has created a template with the inscription ‘Stay at home.’ Use it to create a pretty piece with your favorite embroidery technique. Just give it a go!

Botanical Alphabet. Adriana Torres
Botanical Alphabet. Adriana Torres

Download the Stay at Home Embroidery Template below:

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If you want to learn more about Adriana’s technique, sign up to her course, Introduction to Raised Embroidery, where you will find step-by-step instructions to create fantastic embroidery with volume.

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