Ji Lee Challenges You to Make Someone Happy in This Creative Challenge

Join the #DMSTKHappyChallenge, with creatives like Ji Lee, Joluvian or Zenzuke

Ji Lee, a Domestika community professional and freelance designer currently working as creative director for Instagram and Facebook, is a strong believer in the power of personal creative projects. For him, projects that really touch and move us are the best way to expand our horizons. For this reason, his Challenge is called 'Make Someone Happy', and the goal is to use our creativity to, well, make someone happy.

To kickstart this creative challenge, Ji Lee turned to two professionals from the Domestika community: motiongrapher Carlos 'Zenzuke' Albarrán and graphic designer Joluvian. Both had to apply their creativity to meet Ji Lee's goal: build something creative capable of making someone else happy.

Find out if they succeeded in the following video:

Zenzuke decided to create an animation for his daughter, taking advantage of a character she designed. The result is a short and emotional piece that manages to take us back to our childhood in a matter of seconds.

Joluvian, on the other hand, chose a simple circle as the main theme for his creation, a departure from the lettering work he is known for. By combining different pieces of paper to create various collages, Joluvian managed to build anything, from a cat to a hamburger, using only a few basic shapes.

Join this 'Make Someone Happy' challenge on Instagram and share your own creations using the hashtag #DMSTKHappyChallenge. Remember that the most important thing is that you put your creativity at the service of making someone happy: a family member, a friend... the possibilities are endless, like your imagination!

And if you liked this creative challenge, remember that, in his online course 'Transforming Your Creative Ideas Into Personal Projects', Ji Lee, creative director of Facebook and Instagram, will teach you how to find inspiration with simple creative exercises, and turn your ideas into clever stories to publish.

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