Draw Yourself: Puño

We get up close and personal with Spanish illustrator Puño and invite him to do what he knows best: drawing

For those who do not know him, Puño (@puno) is an all-rounder in the illustrating world. Just like the rest of us, he started to draw when he was little, yet, unlike most of us, he has not stopped since. He has written books and collaborated with advertising companies and media publications (such as the newspapers El País, El Mundo and Público). He has worked in film animation and illustrated for children and grown-up audiences alike. He is a teacher and loves to educate through the art of drawing.

To get to know him, we decided to challenge him to answer some questions with drawings. He had no problem in taking up the challenge and knew that this interview would definitely be fun.
You can watch the outcome here, and see how Puño never lets go of his marker whilst telling endless stories from his life.

Watch Draw Yourself with Puño here:

If you enjoyed getting to know Puño and you want to try some of his courses, do so by clicking on the links below. You won’t regret it.

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- Drawing for Beginners Level -1
- From Amateur to Superillustrator
- Drawing and Creativity for Big Little Artists


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