Domestika Talks: Vasava

Vasava, a communication design studio based in Barcelona, is a reference point in the world of creativity

Since its creation in 1997, Barcelona-based communication design studio Vasava has become a hive of creativity and talent and is one of the most interesting studios in the Spanish-speaking world. Its designers have been involved in a myriad of projects, from creating the typeface for Barça football club to TV program titles. They are famous for their attention to detail and their obsession with taking on each project as if it were their first.

In this talk, Enric Godes, managing partner of the studio, shares the secrets of his creative processes with the audience of Domestika Cup Colombia. Find out more in the following video:

Vasava has specialized in sports-related projects, Godes explains. Each of the projects, however, meets the individual requirements of each client and is clearly distinguishable from all the rest.
The most renowned of all those projects is arguably the typographic work for Barça, which started in 2010 and resulted in one of the most popular football shirt designs in the world.

Godes explains the work process behind the design of the logo of Atlético de Madrid, one of the most emblematic clubs of the country, and talks about the resistance the studio had to face at the start of the project, as well as from the team’s fans later. This resistance eventually dissipated once Vasava proved that their approach to the project was on the money: simplifying the colors and the shapes of a logo that was excessively baroque turned out to be the way forward.

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Redesigning the logo of Atlético de Madrid

Communication design studio Vasava was founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1997. They are a point of reference for designers and creatives and their belief lies in the power of design as a transformational tool that can change people’s way of life. This mindset has been the driving force of the studio over two decades and their aim has been to connect brands to their respective audiences.

Nike, Hennesy, Adobe, 55DSL, Mango, and Redbull are some of the brands that have played a big role in the success of Vasava and encompass the studio’s passion, talent, and design-based ideas.

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Project for Nike

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