Download Free: Procreate Brushes Pack for Comic Book Art

Experiment with different textures and organic brushes and give your digital artwork a different look

Procreate has become one of the most popular tools for illustrators and cartoonists around the world. Unlike with traditional art, Procreate allows artists to experiment with new techniques and styles without spoiling artwork or spending money on extra material. Procreate has turned artists’ iPads into portable studios and the possibilities have multiplied.

Recently, Procreate has released a popular update that, in addition to opening the doors to new forms of creativity, has pushed some artists to renew their tools. Microbians (@microbians), a regular user of this digital illustration app, has taken the opportunity to review a set of brushes ideal for comic book art, which he shares here with the Domestika community:

Download Free: Procreate Brushes Pack for Comic Book Art 2

The marks have classic textures with fixed or dynamic percentages that are pressure sensitive. Also, in this pack, the illustrator has added some organic brushes perfect for experimenting, for urban illustration, or whatever takes your fancy!

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Procreate Brushes Pack for Comic Book

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