Embroidery Tutorial: How to Embroider Simple Flowers

Five simple steps to embroider flowers with Señorita Lylo, from design to the final stitch

Loly Ghirardi AKA Señorita Lylo (@srtalylo) managed to unite her two passions years ago: graphic design and embroidery. She now threads between two styles: working with hoops and needles, and making unique designs. She loves to experiment and give all her projects a personal touch. This tutorial encapsulates what her craft is about.

Discover Señorita Lylo’s 5 steps to embroider a flower:

Embroidery Tutorial: How to Embroider Simple Flowers 1

- Step 1: Choose a design

It’s important to start with a simple diagram or with each part clearly defined. It isn’t necessary to overload the piece with lots of work, a few elements will look just as good. You can download the design Señorita Lylo is working on here to follow the steps with her.


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