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Illustration Tutorial: 5 Basic Tips on How to Shade with Ink

5 basic tips from Sergio Bleda on how to shade with ink and take light into account

Shading gives depth to your drawings: it makes something flat, three-dimensional. Inking and shading are fundamental components of the process of designing a comic. They help us place an object or character, illustrating the space in which they are found and helping the viewer understand where the light is coming from.

Cartoonist and illustrator Sergio Bleda (@sergibleda) shares his tips and tricks on how to shade like an expert with India ink. All you need are: two synthetic brushes (number 1 and number 2), 300gsm Canson paper, and Winsor & Newton India ink.

5 tips on how to shade:

Tip 1: Ink before you shade. It’s important to go over your pencil drawing in ink before beginning the process of shading. This will allow you to visualize the drawing and see how you can start from the lines you have already drawn to create your shadows.


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