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10 essential keyboard shortcuts to master Adobe After Effects

Be more efficient in your motion graphics workflow using these shortcuts in After Effects

There are two ways to multiply your productivity during the creative process: have a good team and know the essential keyboard shortcuts. Like many other programs, Adobe After Effects lets you perform actions and select options much faster using key combinations. This helps simplify various repetitive tasks we sometimes have to perform in After Effects and allows us to focus on the creation and composition of professional-looking motion graphics and effects special.

These are the 10 essential shortcuts you should know to be more efficient in After Effects CC:

10 essential keyboard shortcuts to master Adobe After Effects 1

1. Unlock all layers: Command + Shift + L

If you are working with a template or an external project, it is very likely that some of the layers will be locked. If you want to unlock them, you can press the lock icon one by one or just use this shortcut.

2. Time remapping: Cmd + Opción + T

Time remapping is one of the most important features in After Effects. Instead of using the menu to find the option, simply use this shortcut to display the time remapping tool with keyframes already set up and ready to edit.

3. Adjust the width of the canvas: Shift + Cmd + Option + H

Instead of expanding your object by hand, you can easily adjust the layer to the width of the canvas with this quick shortcut.

4. Adjust to the canvas: Cmd + Option F

Same as the previous shortcut, this combination of keys will automatically scale the width and height of the current composition.

5. Replace: Option + Drag

If you have an asset in your timeline but you want to exchange it for something new, you can use this simple trick to replace it Instead of removing the original object and select a new one from scratch.

6. Drag to retime: selected keyframes + Option

Hold down the option key and move your keyframes, you'll be able to stretch them proportionally and keeping the same distance.

7. Full-screen panels and tools: ~

If you want to have full screen on a specific panel, simply slide the mouse over the desired panel and press the "~" key.

8. Move through frames: Cmd + right arrow or left arrow

In After Effects, if you click on the arrow key will move the position of the current object in the direction of the arrow pressed. But if you hold down the Cmd key while doing it, you will move the playhead forward or backward instead.

9. Add an object from project view: Cmd + / + +

If you are on the main view of the project and you want to add an object, simply use this shortcut to automatically add an object as the first layer on top of the composition.

10. Select all: Cmd + A

Use this shortcut if you want to select all elements of the project.

10 essential keyboard shortcuts to master Adobe After Effects 3
Keyboard shortcuts Adobe After Effects CC. Jamie Spencer.

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