Top 5: The best projects of May

Welcome back to our monthly selection of the best projects on Domestika! This month, the projects that have triumphed most among the community have been those related to illustration.

We hope these projects inspire you and motivate you to explore new forms of creative expression. We encourage you to share your creative process with the community. If you're looking for ideas on how to post your project on Domestika, you can check out the following link: How to Publish Your Projects on Domestika

We would love to know your favorite project, so don't hesitate to share it in the comments. If you want more details on each project, click on the red title and dive into a world of creativity.

You can click on the images of the projects to better appreciate them.

Samhain Cómic by Lobón Leal
Samhain Cómic by Lobón Leal

My project of the course: Paper Cutting Illustration: create extraordinary books by Julia Guevara (@juli_guevara)

Julia Guevara has created a magnificent papercut project on the book The Little Prince, inspired by Paz Tamburrini's course Paper Cutting Illustration: Create Extraordinary Books.

Julia has carried out the project step by step with great care, adding the carefully assembled covers. You can see the result in the photographs she shares in her project, where she demonstrates a great ability to create books that escape the traditional format using the papercut technique.

Papercut El Principito by Julia Guevara
Papercut El Principito by Julia Guevara

Wednesday Addams Print - Step-by-Step Process by Cristina Gómez (@adesignerlife)

Cristina Gómez created a project inspired by Tim Burton's series Wednesday. You'll see how she has captured the iconic features of the character, especially the braids and pale skin.

The interesting thing about this project is that it shows the process through sketches and references with the step-by-step realization of the illustration; all these details allow you to see her technique. If you want to learn in more depth, do not hesitate to check out her course Cartoon-Style Character Portraits with Procreate.

Wednesday by Cristina Gomez
Wednesday by Cristina Gomez

My course project: Inking techniques for comic and illustration by Andrés Felipe García (@andres_garcia_)

Dead Beat started as a last-minute assignment for the degree Andrés Felipe was studying, but it turned into an ambitious personal project in which he seeks the freedom to express his ideas and thoughts. Inspired by a small previous comic strip, the author expanded the story to create a 52-page book. With the support of his girlfriend and best friend, he was encouraged to perfect the plot and improve his artistic skills.

The comic combines genres such as science fiction, horror, zombies, romance, and action. He does not rule out the possibility of being published by a publishing house. In this work, Dead Beat has become an important goal the author pursues daily.

In Sergio Bleda's course Inking Techniques for Comics and Illustration, you can learn these inking techniques.

Dead Beat by Andrés Felipe García Muñoz
Dead Beat by Andrés Felipe García Muñoz

Course Project: Risa Character Design & World Building by Juni Frio (@junifrio7)

In this project, Juni has created the main characters of Tala, showcasing the creation process.

Tala is an epic story that tackles the legend of Bathala and his divine descendants in a Filipino science fiction setting. The gods are living celestial beings, and Filipino mythological creatures inspire the tribes.

The plot follows Risa and Baste, mercenary siblings, as they discover ancient shrines and altars revealing startling revelations. Risa turns out to be the goddess Tala all along, and her personality is characterized as persuasive, self-assured, and a born leader. With her archetype of "The Forbidden Technique," Risa uses a twin-gun arsenal, tech bombs, and tactical clothing as she ventures into this unique world.

If you want to learn how to create your characters like Juni, you can check out Even Amundsen's course Concept Art: Character Design & Worldbuilding.

Risa by Juni Frio
Risa by Juni Frio

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