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Free Set of Textures for Creating 3D Backgrounds

Use textures designed by a 4D cinema expert to create backgrounds with realistic objects, shapes, and colors

If you are interested in the 3D universe, you are probably always on the lookout for ways to improve your work and creating new compositions. Getting inspiration from other artists’ creations is essential to get your imagination juices flow and explore new routes. You also get to know their resources and creative processes.

Francisco Cortés (@effcy), industrial designer and illlustrator, is specialized in creating still images in 3D. In his projects, textures are the main protagonist as they help inject life and color to a scene. In this post, Francisco shares his favorite textures—62 of them—that you can also use in your designs.

Free Set of Textures for Creating 3D Backgrounds 1
The Poet’s House with Cinema 4. Francisco Cortés.

The download, including the 62 textures, has a fantastic variety. The goal is to experiment with each one to check its finish and verify how realistic your 3D backgrounds become. Thanks to this practice, you will perfect your skills when texturing compositions professionally and efficiently.

Types of textures

Francisco Cortés presents three main types of textures:

- Natural textures: wood, rattan, or grass, are some of the examples. The precision in the details will add life, intensity, and warmth to your designs.

Free Set of Textures for Creating 3D Backgrounds 3
A vegetation texture included in the download.

- Urban textures: cityscape-inspired, such as street asphalt or highly detailed building walls. You can also explore aspects of light and shading.

Free Set of Textures for Creating 3D Backgrounds 5
Building texture included in the download.

- Flooring textures: you will find geometric patterns based on home floorings that will give a realistic touch to your interior settings.

Free Set of Textures for Creating 3D Backgrounds 7
One of the flooring textures included in the download.

In 3D composition, the viewer cannot touch the texture directly but can get a natural feel to it, depending on the level of ability of the designer. If you have experience, you can also create textures yourself, using software such as Octane Render. Alternatively, use the textures included in this resource.

Francisco has developed projects for Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Levi’s and invites you to discover his favorite textures, as well as edit them on Photoshop if you want to add your own style.

To download this file, please click on the box below. You’ll find a .zip file in your Downloads folder. Then you must use free software like winzip to open the file and find the Set of 62 textures for 3D design, by Francisco Cortés.

Free Set of Textures for Creating 3D Backgrounds 10

This resource will be available until August, 5 2021. If you want to access the material after this date, you will need to sign up for the course Creating 3D Compositions in Cinema 4D, in which Francisco Cortés will teach you to create your own backgrounds in C4D and Octane Render.

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