11 Online Courses For Learning Crochet From Scratch

Discover different styles of crochet and techniques for creating clothes, accessories, and amigurumi characters

For some people, the word crochet brings to mind a hand-knitted vest, while others will think about tapestries hung on bedroom walls or small characters that serve as great companions for your little ones. Crochet is like that: it is limited only as much as your imagination.

Crocheting is more than just a technique based on stitches, each creation is an opportunity to channel your personality, your style, or even to tell a story.

Alimaravillas’ minimal designs embrace hipster and Nordic styles.

What is crochet?

Crochet is an ancient craft technique that you can carry out with your hands and whose results will always surprise you. The term comes from the Germanic “croc” and the old French “crochet”, which both mean "hook". While there is evidence of people having hand-woven textiles dating back to the 11th century, it is debatable exactly when crochet emerged.

It is a technique used to create textiles using a crochet hook to form chains out of wool or thread. It’s possible to do using very fine thread and a delicate hook, or thick wool and larger hooks. When starting out, it is best to practice with the help of an expert who can explain each step and guide you in your creative processes.

Discover this list of 11 Domestika courses taught by crochet experts and discover the endless possibilities this craft offers. Enjoy!

Top-Down: One-Piece Crocheted Garments, a course by Estefa González (@santapazienzia)

Simple patterns and seamless garments are the keys to top-down, designer Estefa González’s favorite crochet technique. After completing this course, you’ll be ready to start filling your closet with your own creations. You will discover how to take measurements, adapt your designs to any material, and add finishing touches that are full of personality.

Estefa has worked with Casasol, Katia, and We Are Knitters. She is also the founder of the brand Santa Pazienzia, a community of crochet lovers spread out across more than 50 countries.

Creating Garments Using Crochet, a course by Alicia Recio Rodríguez (@alimaravillas)

Alicia—better known as Alimaravillas—is a nordic crochet designer and yarn bomber that has taken social media by storm with her minimal design. In this course, Alicia shows you how to create garments with your own hands, using a crochet hook. You’ll discover how to create textures that mimic knitwear textures made with two needles and get to grips with a technique that will allow you to add a burst of color to your creations: the Colorwork technique.

Her fresh designs are inspired by the simplicity of Nordic style. For Alicia, crochet is much more than knitting. It is sharing, feeling, and creating incredible things with your own hands.

Intarsia Crochet: Craft Your Own Tapestry, a course by Flor Samoilenco (@florsamoilenco)

The intarsia crochet technique allows you to draw with your stitches and create color changes within your pattern. In this course, Argentine designer Flor Samoilenco will show you the whole process for designing and weaving a tapestry. You will learn the necessary stitches, the characteristics of crochet intarsia, and add the final touches as you prepare to hang your creation.

Using Flor’s method, pieces acquire very special textures and volumes, just like her tapestries. Inspired by geometry, architecture, and nature, they recreate modern designs and transmit warmth.

Amigurumi: Creation of Characters through Crochet, a course by Ameskeria (@ameskeria)

Leire Villar, better known as Ameskeria, is a designer, photographer, art director, and professional crochet artist. Amigurumi is a passion of hers and, in this course, she will teach you the basic techniques so you can create dolls based on your illustrations. Leire will talk you through the materials and tools you can use to knit in a progressive way: first flat and then adding volume.

You might be curious to learn that Ameskeria is a Basque word that means imagination, which is exactly what you will embrace in this course. Mixing crochet with other elements, you will find your own language to create unique crochet characters.

Amigurumi: Design Clothing, Hair and Accessories, a course by Ameskeria (@ameskeria)

If you want to continue improving your craft skills with Leire Villar, you can learn how to design clothes, hair, and accessories for your dolls in this course. These creations will give your characters even more personality, and you will be able to change their outfits. You will look for inspiration, choose your color palette and materials, develop a sketch of your project and start knitting.

Leire is also the co-founder of Ganchitos, a digital magazine featuring crochet patterns. If there's one thing she has collected throughout her career, it's a lot of tips and tricks, which she will share with you in this course.

Amigurumi Design and Creation, a course by Príncipe del Crochet (@principe_del_crochet)

In this course, Marcelo Javier Cortés, better known as Príncipe del Crochet, will teach you the whole process and techniques involved in bringing an original crochet character to life. You will see how to read a pattern and prepare to knit simple and complex shapes. You will also practice techniques that will give your amigurumi a polished and original finish.

For the past couple of years, Marcelo has dedicated himself full time to the design and creation of amigurumis. Since childhood, he has always been drawn to the world of stories and thanks to this technique, he can create his own characters. You can meet some of them on his Instagram profile, which has more than 150 thousand followers.

Punch Needle and Crochet: Create Original Characters, a course by Jocelin Gonzalez (@toyslarua)

Crochet can be combined with different techniques for amazing results. In this course, Jocelin Gonzalez, aka Toys Larua, will show you what you can achieve by combining crochet with punch needle embroidery. First, you will get to grips with the punch needle: its structure, its characteristics, and its different names. Then, you will analyze the crochet hook, its structure, and its main features. Once you've mastered the basics, it's time to start embroidering and knitting your project.

Jocelin, who is an expert in creating amigurumis and decorative pieces, invited you to create decorative pieces while feeding you ideas to apply what you have learned to future creations.

Introduction to Tapestry, a course by Poetryarn (@poetryarn)

For multidisciplinary artist Ángela Cayero, better known as Poetryarn, crochet is a tool of expression. Ángela brings vibrant colors and bold patterns to the traditional tapestry stitches, generating a unique style that combines fabric and poetry. Learn everything from basic crochet stitches and fabric directions to pattern design.

In this course, you will master traditional techniques and experiment, and create original and contemporary pieces. You will then be ready to tackle any project you set your mind to.

Upcycling with Crochet for Beginners, a course by Emma Friedlander Collins (@steelandstitch)

Inject new life into items you’d stopped wearing and upcycle them using simple crochet techniques while being kinder to our planet. In this course, upcycling expert Emma Friedlander Collins, better known as Steel and Stitch, will share her wealth of knowledge. Step by step, you will identify the different types of thread and hooks, learn to combine materials and achieve amazing results by applying her techniques and resources.

Get started in the world of upcycling and explore the infinite possibilities, such as turning a pair of flip-flops into a pair of fashionable upcycled shoes.

Cross-Stitch Portrait Creation, a course by Emily Peacock (@emilyp)

Discover the versatility of cross-stitch needlework with Emily’s step-by-step method. The embroidery designer will teach you how to create a colorful portrait starting with basic cross-stitch. You'll learn how to draw your portrait, transfer it, select the right colors, and bring it to life with cross-stitch. You'll also be shown three different ways to present your final creation.

Emily, who has taught at the Royal School of Needlework (London), employs an approach to teaching that is not based on following the rules, but on showing how to let ideas emerge and find your own creative path.

Knitting and Crochet Basic Techniques, a course by Binge Knitting (@bingeknitting)

Barbara Bremer and Carolina Herrera, founders of Binge Knitting, create all kinds of fashion and home accessories using hook and needle techniques. In this course, they invite you into their creative universe, teaching you how to craft your own pieces using basic knitting and crochet techniques. After getting to grips with their differences, you will make the conceptual proposal, create a mood board, define the style, and select the color palette for your project.

Barbara and Carolina will guide you from the pattern to the final result. The designers will inspire you by sharing their knowledge and showing you some of their creations, which are characterized by contemporary and timeless styles.

Already familiar with the basic crochet techniques? If you’re ready to get started, below you will find a list of the essential tools and materials that you’ll need to begin your project, as well as a very useful tutorial on reading patterns and, finally, a challenge that is sure to inspire you.

Essential Crochet Materials

Alicia Recio Rodríguez (@alimaravillas), one of Domestika’s crochet course teachers, has compiled a list of the basic material you’ll need to start weaving. Take note!

- Crochet needles: They come in a range of styles and sizes. Your choice depends on the thickness of the wool you use for our project or the way we want it to drape.

- Yarn: There are different types of yarn made of different materials and blends. You can buy them in skeins, balls, and cones.

11 Online Courses For Learning Crochet From Scratch 25
Discover the materials and tools you’ll need to start crocheting.

- Markers: They are so often forgotten, yet they are so important. When you've been crocheting for a while, you will know your weave and find it easy to count your rows. However, when you're just starting out, markers are here to guide you.

- Scissors: You will want a small pair that can cut thread, which will make it easier to carry your work around with you.

- Measuring tape: It's handy to have one of these in your needle case for taking measurements.

- Wool needles: They are the ones we will use to sew the pieces we have assembled with the crochet techniques.

Crochet Tutorial: how to read a pattern

It’s important to learn how to read a pattern. While they may be intimidating to anyone starting out, they are a lot simpler than they might appear.

In this tutorial, Emma Friedlander-Collins, also known as Steel and Stitch (@steelandstitch), explains how to decode a crochet chart, explaining what each abbreviation and symbol means and how to use this helpful tool in your next design.

Challenge: Crochet With Your Eyes Closed

In the world of crochet, you decide how far you want to go. Ángela Cayero, crochet artist and creator of @poetryarn, loves to experiment.

That's why she has agreed to participate in this Domestika Challenge. Her goal: to crochet with her eyes closed. Will she succeed?

Would you be capable of crocheting with your eyes closed? If you are just starting to crochet, take your time and enjoy the journey. Each stitch will take you further and further until you can create your own pieces. And then, for sure, you will be able to overcome a challenge like this one.

11 Online Courses For Learning Crochet From Scratch 31
These tapestries were created using the intarsia crochet technique. Samoilenco flower.

Discover Domestika's online crochet courses and start learning new techniques with top experts.

English version by @eloiseedgington.

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