8 Online Upcycling Courses for Creating and Repairing Garments

Upcycle your garments with the help of fashion experts, using crocheting, embroidery, and other techniques

Upcycling is a topical concept in society nowadays. It is tightly linked to the ecological movement, as we strive to safeguard the planet and preserve its resources. In fashion, this trend encourages us to increase the lifespan of our clothes by repurposing their designs. We can apply various techniques to create new designs using all sorts of material.

These eight courses that we have selected for you will demonstrate the many faces of upcycling. If you are into textiles and have some time and imagination, you’ll be in for a treat while learning with these experts. They will teach you to repair or create new garments with these super creative tools.

Embroidery: Clothing Repair, a course by Ofelia & Antelmo

Are you familiar with the ‘visible mending’ technique? Find out how you can fix any unused or damaged clothing piece with Gabriela Martínez, a specialist in embroidery and textile art. The founder of the Ofelia & Antelmo project will teach you techniques and tips for embroidering and creating patches. In her course, she shows you how to create garments sustainably.

Textile Printing Techniques for Beginners, a course by Julia Pelletier

Textile designer and teacher Julia Pelletier will teach you how to print on clothing, using four different techniques: sublimation, textile spraying, needle felting with spraying, and collage. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, you will be able to play with textures, colors, and volumes. You will create unique garments with inspiring prints.

Sustainable Fashion: Introduction to Upcycling, a course by Ximena Corcuera

Take your first steps inside this movement and explore all its possibilities with Ximena Corcuera. This fashion designer is a long-standing creator of outfits that promote a circular economy. In her course, she will teach you to create unique pieces by giving a new life to items that would otherwise have been discarded. Ximena will show you all the creative stages, from choosing the material to turning your designs into reality.

Upcycling with Crochet for Beginners, a course by Emma Friedlander-Collins

If you’re a crochet fan, you will be inspired to use it to transform your entire wardrobe. Upcycling expert Emma Friedlander Collins, better known as Steel and Stitch, invites you to discover the numerous possibilities of basic crocheting techniques. You’ll learn about the different types of yarn and hooks, basic stitching, and then start to crochet. Emma encourages you, most of all, to enjoy this fun journey.

Upcycling with Embroidery, a course by Kseniia Guseva

After explaining the whole upcycling vision, textile artist Kseniia Guseva will teach you to apply it through the art of embroidery. You’ll get to know the materials, transfer patterns, and types of stitches. Kseniia’s specialty is architectural embroidery. In her course, she’ll also share her creative process so you can personalize your clothes with her tips.

Sneaker Restoration and Customization, a course by Juan Pablo Bello

Upcycling is also applied to footwear. Art director and MYSNKRS Customs founder, Juan Pablo Bello, teaches the above course, in which you can learn to restore the sneakers you no longer wear and get them back on the road. Discover his entire creative process and give your sneakers loads of personality: from sketching and learning about and caring for materials, to using stencils.

Fashion Design: Painting and Embroidering Garments, a course by Ana María Restrepo

Learn to tell a story through your clothes. Designer and textile artist Ana María Restrepo does this with her brand Amarpo. In her course, you’ll learn to turn your textiles and clothing into artworks. You’ll create inspiring mood boards; you’ll select all the elements for your project and experiment with embroidery techniques and textile painting principles. She’ll show you how to achieve a spotless result and take care of your creations.

Introduction to PVC Cord Weaving, a course by Carolina Ortega

Learn about applying and processing this versatile material with Carolina Ortega, an industrial and textile designer. She will share basic PVC cord weaving techniques with you and show you how to apply them, especially for creating handwoven furniture. You’ll create various types of patterns to achieve contemporary designs. Join this class and learn all the PVC weaving tips you need.

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