• 7 Free Tutorials With DIY Ideas to Easily Repair Your Clothes

    7 Free Tutorials With DIY Ideas to Easily Repair Your Clothes

    Give your designer clothes a second chance and learn new DIY craft techniques with these experts More and more people are getting interested in creative movements such as upcycling to give useful but used objects a new life. You too can save money while expressing yourself creatively, and upgrading your designer clothes. With your crafty work and DIY techniques, you’ll also gain a unique wardrobe that truly reflects your personality.

  • 10 Online Upcycling Courses for Getting Creative at Home

    10 Online Upcycling Courses for Getting Creative at Home

    Experts in upcycling share techniques and ideas for creating while recycling Upcycling is a brilliantly creative way to draw attention to the importance of recycling. Finding new uses for materials that had been cast aside as useless, and transforming them into uniquely personalized objects, is very stimulating for the imagination. If you are passionate about sustainability and love crafts, this increasingly popular practice is for you. In the following list, you will find ten online upcycling courses for beginners. Even if you don’t have any experience, you can learn to transform old furniture or repair your favorite items of clothing with embroidery, crochet, or darning. Discover different materials and techniques for upcycling from home. Chair Restoration and Upholstery, a course by Lucia Giraudo If you think one of your chairs needs updating, why not upholster it yourself? To do so, Argentine entrepreneur Lucía Giraudo will show you how to disassemble your chair with the right tools. Discover which materials she recommends and learn how to differentiate between synthetic and natural fibers. Explore the world of fabrics, how to care for them, and transform that old chair into something totally unique.

  • 6 Free Upcycling Tutorials for Repairing Clothes with Creativity

    6 Free Upcycling Tutorials for Repairing Clothes with Creativity

    From embroidery to stencil design, revamp your wardrobe and join the slow fashion movement Clothes are an essential item we use on a daily basis, however, they also serve as a canvas for our creativity. Customizing pieces from our wardrobe is a wonderful form of self-expression that can also extend the life of an older garment and reduce waste. From embroidery to stencil design, these six upcycling tutorials provide fun and creative ways to revamp your wardrobe and join the slow fashion movement. Click on the title in red to access the full content! Embroidery Tutorial: How to Create an Appliqué Appliqué is a great way to update your clothes, give them character, and fixing any rips or holes. This technique consists of embroidering a design, turning it into a patch, and then sewing it to your garment (or whatever surface you like!). In this tutorial, textile designer Ana María Restrepo (anamaria_10), who teaches the Domestika course Fashion Design: Painting and Embroidering Garments, will guide you through her process for converting an embroidered design into a patch.

  • 12 Free Tutorials for Handmade Creativity

    12 Free Tutorials for Handmade Creativity

    Stimulate your creativity with these inspiring DIY, calligraphy, and upcycling artists Sometimes, creativity can only be executed manually. Knitting, painting, or dyeing garments are only some of the things you can achieve using easy yo obtain materials. All these activities will help you awaken your lateral thinking, that is, to focus more freely and imaginatively on your day-to-day life. Furthermore, spending time creating something is a way to take a break from the screen. Whatever your reason may be, make sure to check out these 12 free tutorials that will help you develop your creativity using your hands. Disconnect in order to reconnect. There are tutorials for crafting, calligraphy, macramé, upcycling, and more. If any of these take your fancy, click on the title to access the full content. Enjoy! Calligraphy Tutorial: How to Make a Reed Pen for Calligraphy in 5 min Have you ever heard about this calligraphy tool? A reed pen is one of the oldest writing tools in existence. It is key for various types of calligraphy, including uncial, as it enables you to create compact but organic shapes on paper. If you want to know how to make your own reed pen, check out this tutorial by calligraphy expert and graphic designer Joaquín Seguí (@joaquinsegui).

  • 8 Online Upcycling Courses for Creating and Repairing Garments

    8 Online Upcycling Courses for Creating and Repairing Garments

    Upcycle your garments with the help of fashion experts, using crocheting, embroidery, and other techniques Upcycling is a topical concept in society nowadays. It is tightly linked to the ecological movement, as we strive to safeguard the planet and preserve its resources. In fashion, this trend encourages us to increase the lifespan of our clothes by repurposing their designs. We can apply various techniques to create new designs using all sorts of material. These eight courses that we have selected for you will demonstrate the many faces of upcycling. If you are into textiles and have some time and imagination, you’ll be in for a treat while learning with these experts. They will teach you to repair or create new garments with these super creative tools. Embroidery: Clothing Repair, a course by Ofelia & Antelmo Are you familiar with the ‘visible mending’ technique? Find out how you can fix any unused or damaged clothing piece with Gabriela Martínez, a specialist in embroidery and textile art. The founder of the Ofelia & Antelmo project will teach you techniques and tips for embroidering and creating patches. In her course, she shows you how to create garments sustainably.

  • 5  Socially-conscious Artists Creating Art Out of Waste

    5 Socially-conscious Artists Creating Art Out of Waste

    Turning waste into works of art: meet inspiring artists from around the world For centuries, humans have exploited nature. The monstrous amount of waste we produce is an issue that socially-conscious individuals have turned their attention to. Today, creative people around the world are making art out of waste. This choice of material causes us to reflect on what items we discard and push as far away from our lives as possible. In this sense, an artist's decision to put these items into a museum as part of exhibitions is very provocative. We have selected five artists whose work you ought to explore: Vik Muniz Brazilian artist Vik Muniz is one of the most well-known artists working with waste, with his work having been exhibited in MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York. In the documentary, Lixo extraordinario (Extraordinary Garbage), Muniz recreated masterpieces from art history, such as the Mona Lisa, with peanut butter and jelly. He used leftovers from a macarronada (a typical Venezuelan dish) to recreate Medusa’s panicked face in Caravaggio's famous painting, and used scrap metal to create a world map. The pieces are full of irony, forcing the spectator to question what can be labeled “sophisticated” art.

  • Krizia Robustella’s Upcycling Tips to Renew Your Sportswear

    Krizia Robustella’s Upcycling Tips to Renew Your Sportswear

    Get inspired, learn to customize your sports garments, and create stylish clothing through upcycling Barcelona-born Krizia Robustella (@kriziarobustella)has been working as a fashion designer for over ten years. Her mother was a fashion wholesaler and named her after the Italian fashion brand she had seen in Vogue in the 70s. Her fate was decided on that day. She presented her recycled 90s tracksuits in the Ego de Cibeles catwalk in 2007. The press called her style Sport Deluxe. From that moment, her collections have been part of the Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week and the 080 Barcelona Fashion. She also sells them in her shop in the Catalonian capital. Read on to discover how she creates two sports outfits out of an old sweatshirt, using upcycling, and see a gallery of her pieces.

  •  Crochet Tutorial: How to Read a Pattern

    Crochet Tutorial: How to Read a Pattern

    Learn how to read the symbols on a crochet chart and understand a pattern, with Steel and Stitch Crochet charts, patterns, and their symbols can be intimidating to anyone starting out. However, they are a lot simpler than they might appear. In this tutorial, Emma Friedlander-Collins, also known as Steel and Stitch (@steelandstitch), explains how to decode a crochet chart, explaining what each abbreviation and symbol means and and how to use this helpful tool in your next design.

  • Upcycling Tutorial: Clothes Printing

    Upcycling Tutorial: Clothes Printing

    Learn how to revamp your clothes with your own designs and stencils, with Krizia Robustella Transforming used clothes into something new and original ranks high on online do it yourself wish lists. There are many techniques that allow us to give new life to a t-shirt, a pair of trousers or any other worn out piece of clothing. Few, however, are as fun as using a stencil and spray paint. Create drawings that will decorate your clothes, transform them into templates, and add different colors and textures through simple exercises that will lead to extremely varied results. Krizia Robustella (@kriziarobustella), a fashion designer with her own brand based in Barcelona, shows us how in the video below:

  • Upcycling Tutorial: How to Start Patching Your Clothes

    Upcycling Tutorial: How to Start Patching Your Clothes

    Learn to prepare patches to repair your clothes with Ofelia & Antelmo Fixing damaged clothes is not only good for our pocket, but also for the environment. Patches are a canvas on which you can paint, draw, and embroider: they allow us to extend the life of our favourite garments in style. Gabriela Martinez, specialist in embroidery and textile art and creator of Ofelia & Antelmo (@ofeliayantelmo), will show us the first step in fixing and adding personality to our torn or stained clothes with patches that you can even embroider if you so fancy. You can see the tutorial here.

  • 5 Fashion Design Courses to Create Garments From Scratch

    5 Fashion Design Courses to Create Garments From Scratch

    Learn how to design clothes and accessories with resources at hand If you have the fashion design bug, but the idea that you need very specialized knowledge is preventing you from giving it a try, this post is for you. These experts in fashion design and artisanal techniques will help you discover that manufacturing clothes and accessories using different contemporary styles is easier than it looks. Textile Silkscreen Printing with Stencil, a course by Festela Store In this course, you will learn to create unique garments by stamping your own designs with artisanal techniques explained by Festela Store, a clothing brand that has adopted the slow fashion movement. The method is applicable to all kinds of garments. You will start by creating a mood board to inspire you, experiment with various materials, and create your own fabric stamps.

  • What Is Upcycling?

    What Is Upcycling?

    Upcycling champions Emma Friedlander-Collins and Ximena Corcuera guide us to environmental awareness in a creative way