Sonja Kuijpers
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Sonja Kuijpers

data illustrator

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Sonja Kuijpers

Hi, I am Sonja Kuijpers, running STUDIO TERP, my one-woman data illustration studio based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. I design (data-)visualisations for a diversity of clients such as Scientific American, Philips, Frankfurter Allgemeiner, as well as small institutions, companies, and publishers. Any sort of subject or client is a potential to me, I really like the variety and the interaction with researchers and different disciplines.
I love experimenting with shapes and styles, and I also design my own independent (personal) dataviz and data art projects. In 2019 I received an Information is Beautiful Gold Award for my personal project ‘A View on despair’. Creating data visualisation, to me, is trying to locate myself in the data, making sense of numbers with a human approach, showing insights as well as the aesthetics of information and data.

You can also find me crawling through the forest with my camera, taking pictures of fungi: the big, but most of all the teeny tiny ones.



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