Murcia, Spain


Sofía Bertomeu Hojberg (Spain, 1991)

I owe a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a Master’s in History and historical heritage. My projects concern issues such as “dissolved identities”, “dissolved spaces”, deep and hidden emotions, abstract landscapes within wider areas (museums, bodies…), conceptual and thematic Soundscapes and Portraits. The usage of the term “Scape” as a double meaning; as a landscape shortening and as an actual escape from our own’s reality.

My sound works have been released on labels such as Attenuation Circuit (De), Urban Arts Berlin (De), Matching Head (Uk), República Ibérica Ruidista (Es), Craneal Fracture Records (Es), etc. Broadcasted on radio programs like Ears Have Ears (Australia), Radio Woking (UK), 199 Radio (UK), Noise Neighbors with Jesse Kaminsky (WMFU, USA), Ciudades Visibles (Argentina), etc. and cultural journals like A Glimpse of (Athens, Greece) and The Mojave Art Review (USA). I developed several Sound Art residencies, Bodyscapes (Centro Cultural Puertas de Castilla, Murcia, 2016) and Intimate(scapes) (Twitter residencias, IN-SONORA, 2018). Some of them have been sountracks of videoart pieces (Marta Grimalt’s Zoapre. – first prize Barcelona Visual Sound 2015).
I have given thematic concerts both in private spaces (El Congreso; LOFT 113; Bar Ocio; Progreso80 (Murcia)) and public centers (Puertas de Castilla; Centro Negra; Centro Párraga (Murcia)); and collaborated in film festivals such as IBAFF (Murcia, Spain), FICXixón (Gijón, Spain) and IN THE PALACE (Balchik, Bulgaria).

My visual works have been part of physical exhibitions at art galleries such as Galería dos Leões (Porto, Portugal), AB9 (Murcia), in museums (MUM, Murcia) or developed in non-physical spaces like “Non-existent exhibition-The transformative power of Art” (Instagram, Madrid); EXPERIMENTO BIO (Bilbao, Euskadi).

I previously worked at SONM (sound art library), at Art’e snc (paper restoration studio in Rome), as a gallery assistant (Sótano, Murcia) and I was part of “Sonodrome fest”, an experimental music micro festival held in Murcia, Spain.

I am currently undertaking joint projects with people from Scotland, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Australia and USA.



  • UM Universidad de Murcia

    Espinardo, Spain

    2009 - 2013