Craft Tutorial: How to Marble Acrylic Resin

Flo Corretti from Tarareo teaches you the step-by-step technique you need to create a marble effect using acrylic resin

Acrylic resins, aka Jesmonite, are extremely versatile. They help you achieve your designs by quickly creating a ceramic effect, without needing a kiln or the oven! They are also great at simulating natural stone, including the veining. Flo Corretti from Tarareo shows you how to achieve a marble effect using this wonderful material in the following video:

Create a Marble Effect Using Acrylic Resin

1. Mix your colors

Craft Tutorial: How to Marble Acrylic Resin 4

You want to play around with the combination of white and other colors to define your palette. Remember you need to create enough to just edge over your mold. This is a good way of ensuring you have enough materials to fill the mold after pouring, as this process always involves a bit of splashing.

Always add the solid into the liquid when mixing, never the other way around.

2. Combined pouring

There are many ways to pour in your colors and achieve the desired marble effect. The easiest is to pour both shades in at the same time. Here, Flo pours beige and ocher in together. She tries to create lines resembling the veins running through the stone as she’s pouring.

Craft Tutorial: How to Marble Acrylic Resin 7

3. Use a toothpick

You can also mimic marble by pouring in a color, then drawing the veins onto the resin while it’s still liquid using a spatula or a little toothpick.

Flo always recommends tapping the sides of your mold to get rid of any bubbles, whatever your chosen pouring method.

Craft Tutorial: How to Marble Acrylic Resin 9
Craft Tutorial: How to Marble Acrylic Resin 10

Like this tutorial? Remember you can start creating unique Jesmonite pieces that don’t need an oven in Flo Corretti’s online course: Decoration Techniques With Acrylic Resin.

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