7 Mesmerizing Comic-book Character Timelapse Videos

Watch these expert illustrators draw iconic superheroes and villains

Superheroes and villains are an eternal source of entertainment and inspiration on television, films, or in comic books.

These seven incredible time-lapses reveal the work of comic masters and show how they illustrate iconic Marvel and DC characters. Watch how they use digital and analog techniques to capture the essence of these lovable characters.

Joker: Procreate timelapse

Graphic designer and illustrator, Germán González (@germangonzalez), creates digital portraits of characters from his favorite movies and series. This Procreate timelapse shows how he illustrates the Joker (as played by Joaquin Phoenix).

Learn how to take your illustrations to the next level in Germán’s course, Adobe Photoshop for Brush Creation.

Captain America: hand-drawn timelapse

Comic book artist Carlos Pacheco (@carlospach) works for major superhero companies like Marvel and DC and occasionally ventures into the world of indie comics. In this timelapse video, he uses graphite and ink to create a portrait of Marvel’s Captain America.

In his course, The Superhero Comic: Narrative and Graphic Design, Carlos will teach you how to prepare your layout, sketch, light, and add the finishing touches to your comic strip.

Black Widow: Procreate timelapse

Illustrator and designer Elena Garnu (@elena_garnu) has a contemporary style combining portraiture with abstract elements of nature. In this video, she shows the process behind her illustration of Marvel’s Black Widow, done in Procreate.

Her course, Illustrated Portraits with Procreate, teaches you how to create and compose portraits from photographs by adding qualities and textures.

Wonder Woman: hand-drawn timelapse

Marcio Takara (@marciotakara) is a comic book artist and illustrator who has worked for both Marvel and DC, specializing in art direction and book covers. In this video, Marcio draws a portrait of Wonder Woman using graphite and ink.

In his course, Female Character Design for Comics, Marcio uses traditional techniques to create expressive and well-balanced characters.

Deadpool: watercolor timelapse

Salva Espín (@salvaespin) is a comic book artist who has been working for Marvel since 2007, and has been Deadpool’s official artist for almost a decade. Watch him illustrate the superhero using watercolor in the video below.

Learn to create your own characters in a narrative sequence in Salva’s course, Pencil Drawing for Superhero Comics.

Wolverine: hand-drawn timelapse

Salva Espín demonstrates his process again, this time, working in pen. Watch him draw Wolverine from X-Men, a character he has drawn professionally while working at Marvel.

Harley Quinn: watercolor timelapse

Sergio Bleda (@sergibleda) is a comic book artist and illustrator. Although he is best known for his contributions to the horror genre, he also explores humor, adventure, and eroticism. In this video, he reveals the process he uses to create a watercolor portrait of Harley Quinn, DC’s anti-heroine.

Sergio’s course, Watercolor Coloring for Comics and Illustrations, teaches you coloring techniques and how to apply them to your illustrated stories.


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