Packaging Tutorial: How to Choose Your Materials

Learn how to choose the best materials for your packaging designs, with packaging designer Marion Bretagne

Good packaging must balance price, practicality, and aesthetics to best serve your product or your client. In this tutorial, artist and packaging designer Marion Bretagne shares her tips for finding and selecting the best materials for your packaging.

1. Visit your local store or printer

While most products can be found online, nothing can replace going to a shop and seeing the material in person. This will help you establish the look and feel of your packaging in real life before making a purchase. The staff at the printer should also be able to give you specific advice based on your project, budget, and materials.

2. Thickness

Carefully consider the thickness of the paper you wish to use. A sticker for a bottle design can be thin, but heavier products may require heavier paper. Don’t forget that your packaging is supposed to protect the product as well as make it look good.

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3. Sample

Before making a big investment, purchase a small amount of the material so that you can get a feel for it and test out your design. Depending on your budget, you might be able to source your materials from larger companies who will often be able to provide you with samples and who also offer more options than your local store.

4. Make sure your printer can print on your paper

Different printers are used for different materials. Before splashing out, make sure the printer you are using can print on your material.

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5. Find a printer who cares

Research printers as best as you can, and try asking fellow designers and clients for recommendations to ensure that you are collaborating with the right company. It is your printer’s job to help you create the best material for your product so don’t be shy to ask for their help and learn from their expertise.

If you liked this tutorial, check out Marion Bretagne’s online course Creative Packaging Design to learn how to design a creative packaging from brief to product and develop a unique consumer experience.

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