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The 4 Best Open-Source Software to Awaken Your Creativity

The Domestika community has selected the best open-source programs for getting creative

Open-source software invites developers to work in collaboration. It guarantees that the program being developed is kept available to all and is, in general, free to use.

These programs are great options for creatives, students, and beginners across different disciplines wanting to experiment with free versions of popular software that often ends up being expensive.

We reached out to the Domestika community over Instagram and asked them what they consider to be their favorite open-source programs. These were the top-voted answers.


Blender is a free, open-source 3D creation suite. You can work on all types of 3D pieces: modeling, animation, simulation, rigging, rendering, video editing, and much more.

This program also allows you to work on digital painting projects, 2D animations, and video games development. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Known as the free version of Photoshop, GIMP is an image manipulation program. Available for all operating systems, it’s an open-source software that allows you to edit any type of image.

It’s ideal for graphic design projects, photographic retouching, and digital illustration. If you need to, you can adapt different external plugins to improve your experience.

The 4 Best Open-Source Software to Awaken Your Creativity 3


Available for Windows and Mac, this free editor can be used to create your own typographic fonts.

With this software, you can draw, modify, adjust, and export fonts in OpenType format to use in any word processor.


This free program is ideal for vector drawing. It’s useful for illustrators, designers, web designers, and drawing enthusiasts.

It offers broad file format compatibility, powerful text tools, and curve control.

This software is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.


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