Free Download: Perspective Guide for Urban Sketching

Download Lapin's perspective guide to add soul and personality to your urban sketches

One of the advantages of urban sketching is that it allows us to represent the reality of a city, but from our own perspective. Unlike what we would achieve with a camera, we have the possibility of instilling soul by adding details that would otherwise go unnoticed. In this case, perspective also plays in our favor: we can create a realistic illustration that fits everything we see including angles a camera could never capture.


The average representation of a scene with three vanishing points shows a vision of 30º, but illustrator Lapin (@lapinbarcelona) tries to cover much more in his sketches: 180º and sometimes even 360º using both sides of his sketchbook. To achieve this, he uses multiple vanishing points like the ones shown in this guide (with examples).


This perspective guide for urban sketching from Lapin will teach you how to apply the cylindrical perspective, the spherical perspective and perspectives with one or two vanishing points, so that you can represent everything you want accurately.


Click the link below to download the .pdf file. The file will be in your Downloads folder.

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Discover the course Urban Sketching: Express Your World in a New Perspective, where Lapin will teach you how to create watercolor sketches of people, places, and fisheye perspectives.

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