8 Podcasts on Creativity You’ll Love

Learn from amazing creatives by listening to their experiences and insights

The podcast format has become a favorite tool for sharing information, advice, and experiences from people working on similar professional fields.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a formal oriented listing experience, or something more fun to pass your time by, these creative podcasts will surely inspire you. We asked the Domestika’s community on Instagram what are their favorite podcasts on creativity, and here we compiled those with more votes:


This is Adobe’s official podcast. Designers and other professionals discuss the relationship between design, technology, and users. It’s hosted by Khoi Vinh, Adobe Design Director.

Illustration Hour

This podcast features many guest designers as they talk about their experiences and work journeys. These hour-long conversations will help you to keep on the loop on trends.

Creative Pep Talk

Host Andy J. Pizza reflects on the creativity experiences either in monologues or with guest artists in interviews.


Zac Dixon dedicates this podcast to the world of animation, as well as some key topics on art, design, and creative processes.

The Creative Introvert

This podcast is focused on the experience of being a creative that works alone and those highlights of brilliance that come when we are on our own.

The Futur

Chris Do engages in candid conversations with inspirational and creative people and their views on design, technology, marketing, and business to challenge the way you think.

Creative Honey

You’ll find conversations with different gusts centered around creative professions such as art, design, branding, user experience, and photography.

Start With This

Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink believe there is not such a thing as bad writing. Each episode focuses on a writing topic to put your ideas in motion, and provide an assignment to create a piece.

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