10 Online Courses to Create Your Own Furniture From Scratch

Elevate any space with contemporary pieces of wood, PVC, or concrete furniture created or restored by you

It may surprise you that you don’t need any previous knowledge to jump into the world of furniture design.

These online courses will teach you everything you need to know about furniture design, origami lamps, or restoring and upholstering chairs for instance. If you want to give new life to your spaces and give them your own touch, follow these tips and get to know the creative secrets of 10 experts who will show you how to make your own furniture from wood, PVC, concrete, and other materials.

Get to know them all!

Design and Creation of Handmade Workspaces, a course by Gema Casado Olea

Gema Casado Olea is the founder and director of El Tarro de Ideas (@eltarrodeideas), the author of various DIY books, and the presenter of the Spanish TV show Decoración creativa (Creative decoration).

Learn artisan techniques to make a desk and storage bench from zero without needing any previous knowledge of assembly or DIY.

Concrete Furniture Creation for Beginners, a course by EN·CONCRETO

Carolina and Eduardo are the founders of En Concreto studio (@en_concreto), an artisan furniture workshop. They will teach you how to make concrete, design molds, and make unique pieces that will transform any space.

Make each work with a unique style and learn how to look after them.

Professional Woodworking for Beginners, a course by Patricio Ortega (Maderística)

Patricio Ortega is the head of Maderística (@maderistica), another artisan furniture workshop. He will teach you the basic concepts for working with wood like an expert.

You will start by learning about the tools and basic techniques to make a pine plywood stool. No previous carpentry experience necessary.

Introduction to PVC Cord Weaving, a course by Carolina Ortega

The industrial and textile designer Carolina Ortega (@carolinaortg) will lead you through this weaving technique with which you will be able to make furniture and other objects by hand.

Get to know her contemporary style, make your own patterns to weave with PVC, and create powerful pieces.

Introduction to CNC Router Furniture Design, a course by Daniel Romero/Tuux

Daniel Romero (@daniel_romero_valencia) is a partner of the Tuux studio, an architecture production studio specialized in interior design and furniture. Learn to design and make sustainable furniture with help from CAD using a CNC router.

Develop the sketch on your computer and make a bench that needs neither fittings nor glue.

Furniture Design and Construction for Beginners, a course by Patricio Ortega (Maderística)

Would you say that your home reflects your personality? Say goodbye to generic furniture and dare to start creating it with your own two hands. With the help of Patricio Ortega, architect, carpenter, and co-founder of the Maderística workshop in Chile, you can learn the skills, discipline, and creativity to become a custom furniture maker with truly professional work.

In this course, learn the steps for building a rack-type wardrobe with a sliding door and discover the fundamental techniques for creating other similar projects.

Chair Restoration and Upholstery, a course by Lucia Giraudo

We already recycle all kinds of products every day, so why don’t we do the same with furniture? After searching for several years, entrepreneur Lucía Giraudo found her professional calling in the recycling and upholstering of old furniture. With Lucia as your guide, learn the skills for refurbishing a chair that has seen better days and see how to upholster it and give it a second life.

Lucia will show you how to disassemble your chair with the right tools. Get a look at which materials are recommended and learn how to differentiate between synthetic and natural fibers. Explore the world of fabrics, how to care for them, and transform that old chair into something totally unique.

Furniture Restoration and Transformation for Beginners, a course by Antic&Chic

There’s an endless world of possibilities within the art of restoration. Creators of the interior design studio Antic&Chic Celia and Marc are here to teach you how to restore and transform your old furniture or household items to revitalize and add character to your home.

Discover the different array techniques used in furniture transformation and restoration. Step by step, Celia and Marc guide you through the careful art of renovation as they share their secrets to creating unique pieces that add charm to your decor.

Creation of Origami Lamps with Paper, a course by Estela Moreno Orteso

In this course of Estela Moreno (Cartoncita) - expert in origami and scenography - you will learn the basic techniques of creating origami lamps.

You will discover the necessary materials and tools, basic folding of paper and diagrams to make your own origami lamp based on simplicity, the game of textures and color looking for maximum expressivity from simplicity.

Decorative Furniture Painting, a course by LUCAS RISE

Imagine being able to turn an everyday piece of furniture, such as a closet, into an artistic piece that fills the rooms of your home with joy. That is what Lucas Rise does, combining his two specialties, design, and painting, to create wonderful decorative pieces full of personality and powerful graphic designs.

In this course, Lucas teaches you how to apply a digital decorative design to a piece of furniture, which you can then paint by hand.


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