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7 Apps for Remote Working

If you're considering working from home, these apps could be just what you're looking for

Working remotely isn't just a craze, it's becoming more common every day. Buffer's State of Remote Work annual report analyses the challenges, perceptions, and advantages for professional communities that work remotely. Of all the insights the study shares, perhaps the most interesting question is: "Would you like to work remotely, at least some of the time, in your career?"

The result:

7 Apps for Remote Working  1

That’s why we wanted to share tools that would complement your desired professional dynamics. Below you’ll find 7 apps that will help you and your team find the joy, efficiency and freedom of working remotely. All are available for phones and computers.

7 Apps for Remote Working  3

Personal focus (productivity)


(Free + paid version)

It’s confirmed: emails are one of the biggest factors that can ruin our productivity. It’s not that they’re unnecessary, but the quantity and variety of information become complicated when it comes to working from home effectively. This app will help you allow you to organize your emails correctly, to debug emails, to find information easily, to schedule shipments, and to categorize the importance of the notifications we constantly receive.


(Free + paid version)

Forget spreadsheets and unnecessary emails. This app is a tool that, under the principles of the Kanban method-a system based on the division of tasks by columns-, organizes regular and one-off tasks in columns and tables to improve how you control your activities. This platform allows you to assign tasks, by not only what works best for your personal organisation but also of collaborative projects.


(Free + paid version)

This app is ideal for freelancers who are looking for a user-friendly experience. Its main advantage is that, as well as helping you organize your tasks and projects, you can share all kinds of materials with collaborators and clients. It includes tools for chats, conference calls, information storage and notifications.


(Free + paid version)

Productivity isn’t only dependent on task organization but the ability to optimize moods and times. This app achieves this by blocking specific apps and websites that might distract you, planning breaks, timing work sessions, creating to do lists, creating a work environment with relaxing music, and ranking daily tasks by importance. In fact, it works under the premise of establishing your main goal for the day, reducing your stress levels and optimizing your ability to concentrate.

Project management


(Subscription obligatory –free trial available–)

The project management app par excellence. It’s intuitive and pleasant interface allows you to clearly visualise the workflows of different projects, add notes, assign tasks, and perfect calendar and process management. You can also automate workflows, receive alerts, export task spreadsheets, and use many more of the platform’s functions.


(Free + paid version)

Thanks to its versatile communication tools, video calls, project status updates, and file organization and distribution, Slack is one of the most popular remote working tools around. It is ideal for businesses and organizations that want to improve their internal communication.

File organization

Google Drive

(Free storage + charges for extra memory)

Whether they’re text, video, audio, presentation or image files, Google Drive has space for it all. It includes 15 GB of free storage and you can pay for more if required. One of the marvels of this system is that it allows collaborative work in real time and keeps record of the actions each user takes.
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