Download, Print and Fall in Love with Lunol’s Lettering

Discover a passion for lettering with this free postcard that designer Lunol shared with Domestika

If you are a fan of lyrics, just like Lucia Nolasco (@lunol_) you may find yourself writing the same words or phrases over and over in many different styles and use marks and shapes from your art practice to highlight the meaning of those words.

In Lunol’s case, the phrase in question is "All you need is love", a statement used by the Beatles in the mid-Sixties, that has become one of the most internationally famous declarations of love.

Lunol is sharing her artwork here in high definition so that you can download it, print it, and fall in love with it. Moreover, you can also adapt it and create one of your own.

Download, Print and Fall in Love with Lunol’s Lettering 2

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postcard - All you need is love -

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