Daniel Mauricio Rodriguez Briceño

Diseñador industrial con especialización en gerencia empresarial, con experiencia en el área de producción en empresas de marroquineria y carpinteria. Aprendiendo sobre cerámica y fabricación de moldes de escayola (yeso).

Bogota, Colombia

_mrklaus is participating in these courses

Embroidery: Clothing Repair. A Craft course by Ofelia & Antelmo

Best Seller
Embroidery: Clothing Repair

A course by Ofelia & Antelmo

Learn the Visible Mending technique and revive your garments using original embroidery pieces and patches that express your style

  • 13703
  • 100% (607)
76% Disc.
Ceramic Illustration and Modeling Techniques. A Craft course by Pepa Espinoza

Ceramic Illustration and Modeling Techniques

A course by Pepa Espinoza

Transform your illustrations into ceramic pieces full of volume and color

  • 3454
  • 100% (200)
73% Disc.
Figure Drawing for Beginners. A Illustration course by ZURSOIF Miguel Bustos Gómez

Best Seller
Figure Drawing for Beginners

A course by ZURSOIF Miguel Bustos Gómez

Learn the basics of drawing the human body with ideal proportions without using a model

  • 62603
  • 98% (2K)
73% Disc.
Illustrated Characters Factory. A Illustration course by Patricio Betteo

Best Seller
Illustrated Characters Factory

A course by Patricio Betteo

Reinforce your creative ability in order to design and illustrate characters

  • 23964
  • 100% (1.5K)
76% Disc.
Botanical Painting with Acrylic. A Illustration course by Lucila Dominguez

Best Seller
Botanical Painting with Acrylic

A course by Lucila Dominguez

Learn to create an illustrated composition of plants and flowers

  • 9723
  • 100% (545)
38% Disc.
Needle Painting for Beginners. A Craft course by Valentina Castillo

Best Seller
Needle Painting for Beginners

A course by Valentina Castillo

Use embroidery as paint and learn to create unique animal portraits

  • 16639
  • 99% (689)
73% Disc.
Introduction to Raised Embroidery. A Craft course by Adriana Torres

Best Seller
Introduction to Raised Embroidery

A course by Adriana Torres

Learn all the essential stitches to create raised embroideries step by step

  • 28016
  • 98% (1.2K)
73% Disc.
Art Toy Creation. A Craft course by Luaiso Lopez

Best Seller
Art Toy Creation

A course by Luaiso Lopez

Learn how to design, build and model a unique and collectible 3D character

  • 11703
  • 99% (391)
62% Disc.
Sketchbook Creation: Find Your Own Language. A Illustration course by Santiago Guevara

Best Seller
Sketchbook Creation: Find Your Own Language

A course by Santiago Guevara

Experiment and explore the possibilities of drawing something new every day

  • 10770
  • 96% (457)
71% Disc.
Introduction to After Effects (2018 Version). A 3D, and Animation course by Carlos "Zenzuke" Albarrán
Domestika Basics 6 courses

Introduction to After Effects (2018 Version)

A course by Carlos "Zenzuke" Albarrán

Learn After Effects without prior knowledge and master the best software for motion graphics and post-production on the market

  • 103046
78% Disc.
Ceramics at Home for Beginners. A Craft course by Paula Casella Biase

Best Seller
Ceramics at Home for Beginners

A course by Paula Casella Biase

Learn modeling and enameling techniques to create decorative pieces

  • 43796
  • 98% (1.1K)
76% Disc.
Narrative Techniques for Children’s Books. A Writing course by Natalia Méndez

Best Seller
Narrative Techniques for Children’s Books

A course by Natalia Méndez

Learn the basic elements of a story to create tales for children

  • 19232
  • 96% (881)
76% Disc.
Creation and Modeling of Ceramic Characters. A Craft course by Martin Ferreyra

Creation and Modeling of Ceramic Characters

A course by Martin Ferreyra

Give life to unique characters by learning techniques to model and paint with clay

  • 1941
  • 100% (71)
76% Disc.
Adobe Illustrator for Typography, Lettering and Calligraphy. A Calligraphy, Typography, and Design course by Andrés Ochoa
Domestika Basics 5 courses

Best Seller
Adobe Illustrator for Typography, Lettering and Calligraphy

A course by Andrés Ochoa

Learn from scratch to create, vector and optimize your letters in a professional way

  • 11373
  • 96% (281)
73% Disc.
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator. A Design & Illustration course by Aarón Martínez
Domestika Basics 6 courses

Best Seller
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

A course by Aarón Martínez

Learn Adobe Illustrator without any prior knowledge to create optimum vectorial graphics

  • 134232
  • 98% (3.8K)
78% Disc.
Adobe Photoshop for Illustration. A Illustration course by Gemma Román
Domestika Basics 6 courses

Best Seller
Adobe Photoshop for Illustration

A course by Gemma Román

Learn from scratch to master Photoshop tools to create stunning illustrations

  • 41859
  • 99% (1.3K)
67% Disc.