4 Inspiring Books for Starting Out in Weaving

Learn about this mindful craft, be inspired by popular hand weaving books and get your own projects going

Hand weaving is a meditative art that allows you to unwind while creating something beautiful. Fiber artist Lucy Rowan (@peasandneedles) incorporates her love of playful colors and texture in her work as a specialist hand-weaver and punch needle embroiderer.

After buying a lap loom off the internet and learning from books borrowed from the library, she began almost by chance and has so far been featured in magazines, opened an online shop, and even written two books about her craft.

Lucy Rowan.

With Lucy, you will explore a world filled with yarn and color and even learn how to make your own loom. You can create beautiful decorative pieces of woven shapes and patterns that can transform any space.

To be able to make these textured weaves filled with abstract designs, Lucy recommends some of the publications she keeps in her weaving library. Check it out!

On the Loom: A Modern Weaver's Guide, by Maryanne Moodie

The ancient art of weaving is brought to the modern day. This guide includes beautifully illustrated and photographed step-by-step tutorials to help you make the most of stitches, tools, and materials. There are 25 projects for your home included in the book, encompassing vintage and modern styles, to inspire your creativity.

Lucy says about the book: "One of the first weaving books I bought, it features many beautiful projects to try out."

4 Inspiring Books for Starting Out in Weaving 4
'On the Loom: A Modern Weaver's Guide', by Maryanne Moodie. Published by Abrams.

Woven Together: Weavers & Their Stories, by Sandu Publishing

The technique of interlacing yarn or fiber is not new and has developed over time. From traditional basket weaving in Eastern Asia to contemporary designer's woven wall hangings and installations the possibilities of this textile technique are endless. This book includes insights from the artists on their processes: from sourcing materials to tools and techniques.

Lucy says about the book: "A beautiful book for inspiration. From traditional basket weaving in Eastern Asia to woven wall hangings and installations by self-taught contemporaries, the projects featured in Woven Together exemplify the endless possibilities of textiles across generations and cultures."

4 Inspiring Books for Starting Out in Weaving 6
'Woven Together: Weavers & Their Stories', by Sandu Publishing. Published by Gingko Press.

Weaving: A Modern Guide to Creating 17 Woven Accessories for Your Handmade Home,

This gentle and low craft induces you to reconnect with your natural surroundings, and remove yourself from the daily grind. The projects included in this inspiring guide vary from wall hangings, cushion covers, bags, jewelry, and more, using organic materials and taking inspiration from the natural world.

Lucy says about the book: "Written by a weaver I admire, beautiful landscape weaves. A modern guide to mastering the art of weaving through 17 stylish projects for your home.".

4 Inspiring Books for Starting Out in Weaving 8
Weaving: A Modern 'Guide to Creating 17 Woven Accessories for Your Handmade Home', by Mary Maddocks. Published by Quadrille.

Weaving: Contemporary Makers on the Loom, by Katie Treggiden

The history of weaving is fascinating, and this art continues to evolve. It has recently been revitalized by designers, artists, and modern craftspeople worldwide. This book presents the work of contemporary weavers showcasing their breath-taking designs.

It also includes images of their workshops and studios and their inspiration. The author also analyzes the evolution of weaving, and a full section is also dedicated to celebrated Bauhaus weaver Anni Albers.

Lucy says about the book: "Another beautiful coffee table book about weaving."

4 Inspiring Books for Starting Out in Weaving 10
'Weaving: Contemporary Makers on the Loom', by Katie Treggiden. Published by Ludion.

Learn more about weaving

Hand weaving is an ancient technique, handed down through the generations and used to create clothing. It was invented over 6,000 years ago. The first craftspeople used cotton, linen and wool and their traditions are still alive today.

Today, weaving has become a way to value this ancestral knowledge and to prevent it from falling into oblivion. In the following tutorial, portuguese textile artists Diana Cunha (@dianacunha) teaches you how to create a tapestry pompom effect in four easy steps (english subtitles are available).

And if you want to discover all the materials you need to get started and achieve this style,click here.

If you want to know more about Lucy’s work, check out her course Hand Weaving Techniques for Beginners, in which you’ll learn to create a decorative piece for your home using a loom and various hand-weaving techniques.

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