Lucy Rowan

Lucy Rowan

Designer and Maker

Worthing, Vereinigtes Königreich

Lucy Rowan

I am a wool-based fibre artist from the South Coast of England with a love of playful colours and textures. Born without a sense of smell, I believes my sense of complementary colours has been heightened to compensate. I have been lucky enough to have written 2 books, '40 Knots and How to Tie Them' and my next book 'Punch Needle Embroidery for Beginners' which is out in November 2020.

A bit about my weaving practice:
In 2013 I saw a small wooden lap loom on Ebay and not really having a clue what it was, I bought it anyway. I didn’t realise that this would be the start of my love for weaving. Teaching myself with books from the library and anything I could find on the internet I managed to find my own style and am well and truly addicted. Trying to create as much texture in my work and exploring the use of colour I look forward to where this weaving journey will take me.

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