Bea Alberti

Bea Alberti

Senior visual designer

Copenaghen, Danimarca

Bea Alberti

Visual designer. I studied design at Elisava school in Barcelona (2002-2006)
My first professional steps were done at online advertising agency in Barcelona, Double you.
After working as a freelancer through 2009 I joined Fjord Madrid to collaborate on a project for Telefonica.
I worked with them for 2 years involved on several digital projects, my experience and duties cover mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, as well as Web and iPad... for clients as BBVA, Telefonica, Generalitat de Catalunya, QDQ, etc...

I am a detailed visual designer and a pixel master in my own right and examples my work involving pixels is shown in my BBVA Iconography project.
I am able to support at any stage of a design project, from concept definition to research, workshop, through detail design and production phase. I adapt quickly to changing situations and I am always willing to learn new skills and confront new challenges.
I love design but I enjoy it even more when It involves some functional thinking on the process.

Currently I am working for Exipple Studio part time and also as freelance on several digital projects for clients as 20 minutos, BBVA, Exipple, Ilios, Bluemove Carsharing, etc...


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