Gabriel Suchowolski · microbians

Gabriel Suchowolski · microbians

Creative + Art Senior Director

Madrid, Spagna

Gabriel Suchowolski · microbians

Gabriel Suchowolski · Creative & Design, Senior Director & Co-Founder of @domestika

My name is Gabriel Suchowolski, a.k.a. microbians.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1972 but then I moved to Spain where I currently live. I worked in motiongraphics at my own studio COCOE and currently work at Domestika as Creative & Art Director.

I also have a personal passion for illustration. I love drawing. I have always done. From a very early age I developed a taste for comics and graphic novels, especially for the French masters such as Moebius or Enki Bilal. Also for Japanese manga… Urasawa, Otomo, Miyazaki, Morimoto…

I like playing piano, good 50’s movies and Earl Grey tea.

Ocasionally I also fancy a bit of programming. Since I was a kid I have flirted with technology and computer geekiness, which together with my interest for illustration has encouraged me to get involved with the creation of little multimedia pieces that I often conceive as my personal artistic expressions.


+ Cocoe at Gràffica 2010
+ CMYK (España)
+ Illustrator winner at E-Site magazine
+ Houyhnhnms OFFF 2002
+ SOL Bronce (España) 2008 Contrapunto/Amnistía “El poder de tu voz”
+ LAUS PLATA Graphic design & Visual communication - Identity and continuty for laSexta TV.


+ Arteleku award for his piece ‘Work&Work’ (BCN)
+ Design for Freedom
+ MINI La MJC (Paris)
+ Sicilio Project (Bol


+ Taschen
+ IdN
+ IndexBook
+ Agite Magazine
+ Korean Design Magazine


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  • Gabriel Suchowolski · microbians – @microbians
  • Creative + Art Senior Director

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In Domestika da maggio 2002