Lucy Sherston
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Lucy Sherston


Brighton, Regno Unito

Lucy Sherston

I am an artist and illustrator based in Brighton. I love working with my hands - drawing and painting. I then take these traditional mediums and scan them in so I can play around with the colours in Photoshop. Combining both the analogue and the digital appeals to both my love of drawing, and the immediacy and ease in which I can move and manipulate images digitally, building up layers of texture.

My work lies on the border between abstract and figurative, using colour and texture to create moods and adding little glimpses of more detailed scenes. I think of my work as little fragments that when pieced together build up a sense of a place or a feeling. My work is full of sun drenched snippets and playful moments. I want my work to make you smile and garner a feeling of warmth and hope.

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