Chelsea Vivash

Chelsea Vivash

Artist and Designer

Londra, Regno Unito

Chelsea Vivash

Hi my name is Chelsea Vivash and I am an East London based artist and maker.
With a background in fine art, since returning to study furniture design, my practice has developed from an appreciation for the shape colour and texture of everyday objects, often exploring the boundaries of function and non-function.
My most recent work combines my wood working and making skills with my love of drawing.
These handmade marquetry pieces are inspired by my own drawn studies as well as the research that feed into both my art and design practice.

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  • Intarsio moderno: decorazione con il legno

    Crea elementi d'arredo dallo stile contemporaneo lavorando il legno a mano con le tecniche tradizionali

    Un corso di Chelsea Vivash, Artista e Designer

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