Catarina Sobral

Catarina Sobral


Lisbona, Portogallo

Catarina Sobral

I’m an illustrator, author of picture books, and animation film director.
After studying Graphic Design, I graduated in Illustration and started publishing children's books and working as a freelance illustrator. While I don’t attain to just one technique, my preference falls almost always on a limited palette of colors, and I like to explore mixing textures and patterns in full rich and bidimensional images.
My illustrations are a regular presence in editorial illustration, album covers, and posters but what I love the most is developing visual narratives, either for the book format or for the big screen. So far I've illustrated thirteen books, published in fifteen different languages. My work has been exhibited both in solo and group shows in many places around the world and recognized by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the Portuguese National Illustration Award, the Portuguese Authors’ Society, the White Ravens catalog, the 3x3 magazine, to name a few.
I live and work in Lisbon.

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    Racconta una storia originale usando il tempo, la tensione e la trama per creare, da zero, una narrativa visiva senza parole

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