Anna Lau

Anna Lau

Watercolour artist

Londra, Regno Unito

Anna Lau

Hi, I’m Anna and I’m a watercolour artist based in London, UK. I love painting bright and colourful florals and in my spare time. Painting is free and therapeutic to me. When I first started I didn't care about the outcome and explored different techniques, colours and materials until I developed my style. It's still changing, but I have become more confident with my work as I have practiced over the past couple of years. Through this journey, I have taken classes and inspirations from other teachers. I believe it's valuable to share our work and process, as you never know who you may inspire!
With my paintings, I started an Instagram account and Etsy store. I never thought they would achieve what they have so far. I'm so grateful for the support so far and now excited to share more about what I do.

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