Tania Marino

Tania Marino

Artista, illustratrice

Cinto Caomaggiore, Italia

Tania Marino

I’m Tania Marino, an italian artist, born in Germany.

I’ve always been attracted by seriality and agglomerations: i use images and materials, as if trying to recreate the world building it cell by cell.

Recently my creations involve a high-intensity work process, a combination of gestures that are repeated and prolonged over an irregular and orderly time. I use paper as a pigment, painting it, cutting it, overlapping and suspending the material.

These creations, if observed from afar, remind definite figures, sometimes simply soft stain and flickers of color.

On the contrary, if you look closely, they show worlds in which to get lost, vibrate and run; unexplored places full of unexpected wonder, in continuous communication between my inner and outer world.


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