Mary Lagdameo

Mary Lagdameo

Artist by Night

Chicago, États-Unis

Mary Lagdameo

Like many, I am trying to do some self-care during these crazy times. I started art lessons with Terry Flanagan in New Jersey, sitting on a phone book, because I was too small to reach the table. My brother and I took lessons with her all through middle school and high school. Thinking about her now, I can remember her red hair, glasses, and the pencil that hung from the string attached to her smock. She would demonstrate brushstrokes by touching your hand and showing how light or heavy it should touch the canvas. Ms. Terry was the kindest soul and loved each of us. She taught with acrylics, and I feel most comfortable with acrylics but I am exploring more with watercolors.

I have been fortunate to have traveled to several countries including China and Taiwan, Bangladesh, Portugal, England, Spain, Uganda, Canada, India, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines and Jamaica. I spent one year teaching English in Taiwan on a Fulbright after graduating college. Places I would love to visit someday are Italy, France, Germany, Japan, and Vietnam. I speak Mandarin Chinese but not Tagalog, my parents' language.

I aspire to develop in many areas--brushstrokes, color, form, perspective--and find my voice and style. I am eager to continue painting and sharing through this platform and am thankful for all the masters who have offered their expertise!

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