Xavi Quesada

Xavi Quesada

Concepto y Arquitectura de Marca

Barcelona, Spain

Xavi Quesada

Creative committed to crafting Ideas and Concepts applied to Brands and Visual Identities, with a simple and humble goal which is to make the world around us a better place.

Under this major premise I seek to create memorable, distinctive and unique multidisciplinary communication for brands, local to global, start-up or established. Brands that tell stories and connect sincere and successfully with their customers. I believe in conceptual, simple and creative design. Fruit of research and a deep understanding of specific and concrete business needs.

I'm curious, proactive and perfectionist. My process is clear and methodical, approaching each project like a new challenge and a unique opportunity to discover, discuss, collaborate and learn hand in hand with my customers-partners-friends with whom I seek to create lasting, reliable and deep mutual respect relation.



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