Sam Hart
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Sam Hart

Comic Book Artist

São Paulo, Brazil

Sam Hart

I love comic books. With more than 20 years experience drawing comic books, fanzines and stories with characters such as Judge Dredd, Power Rangers, Starship Troopers and VR Troopers, the narrative possibilities never cease to amaze me. I have drawn graphic novels with Robin Hood, King Arthur, Joan of Arc, the 16th century pirate Grace O’Malley and the graphic novel The Coldest City, written by Antony Johnston, was adapted to film in 2017 as Atomic Blonde, with oscar-winning Charlize Theron.

I have written and published numerous comic book short stories and creator-owned projects, both in the UK and Brazil, such as Project Mega-Ultra, WAR and 10 Lost Days, and also work with book and magazine illustration, plus storyboards for TV and advertising. I was born in England and now live in sunny São Paulo, with my wife and two daughters.




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