Ronen Bekerman

With over 20 years of professional experience as a 3d visualization artist in the Architectural Visualization Industry, Ronen has managed The Craft since 2015, crafting still images, animation, and VR experiences for clients worldwide. After serving seven years as an officer in the Israeli Navy, Ronen worked three years as a 3d design specialist at the leading Israeli firm Chyutin Architects, alongside his architecture studies at Tel Aviv University. In 2005, Ronen founded Polytown Media and has focused on the process of visualizing architecture ever since. In 2009, Ronen founded the popular ArchVIZ Blog at and has been running it since, providing a place for the ArchVIZ community to share, learn, grow, and participate in challenges such as this one. Ronen is also a member of the SOA advisory board and the Jury for the Architizer A+ Awards.



Joined August 2020