Jheanelle Vassell

Hi! I'm Neru! And I've been lurking in life.
Like most artists I went through a terrible phase of artblock (10 years!). Through Escape from Art Jail, The 100 Days of Making Comics and Jessica Abel; a journey that has taken over 5 years, I finally got out. Then the Pandemic happened. I was unable to fully utilize my newfound free time and knowledge of my Aphantasia. I just didn't have the structure for it. I hope to learn that in this course, I'm tired of being a "Beginner".
My passion is food illustration. I recently started digital art, I aim to master clipstudio one day :D I currently work parttime as a conversation coach. By the end of this course I hope to have solid character designs and (fingers crossed) be on the road to commission work! :D

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Joined September 2021