Isabelle Uden

Isabelle Uden


Netley Marsh, United Kingdom

Isabelle Uden

My name is Isabelle and live in the UK, I have always been passionate about art and all kinds. Currently I have been working mainly in digital. I have worked in most mediums. Right now digital just fits in with my lifestyle.

I graduated awhile back now (...10 years ago! In 2010), I obtained a BA Hons degree in illustration From Bournemouth Arts University college. I have not worked professionally in art due to unfortunate turn of events.

For my final major I wrote and illustrated my own children’s book. Looking back their are so many things that could be better. I mean it was a beautiful concept and the idea was original. It just needed to be more commercially viable. With that said I had it self published on Back then I never owned a Wacom tablet or anything fancy to make digital art on, unlike a lot of the kids on the course. Having access to advanced digital technology is a big advantage and even if the modern day artist decides to work in traditional mediums. If you are digital art savvy it definitely will give you the edge in today’s world.

I do now own iPad and have an Apple pen. I have been doing digital art in this way for a year. Back in uni I worked mainly traditional and any digital creations were done so with a mouse 🐭 😁😆

I have worked in retail, cinema and past year food and beverage assistance In hotels. Unfortunately I lost my job in pandemic. The past two months I have been having more time to be creative. I love doing “in your style” challenges. I did Natalias recent one. Then I found her course on here and it truly was amazing. I love her style... the colours she uses.

I wish to spend time working on making art and looking on courses on Domestika, to help bring my portfolio and knowledge up to date. Even when I wasn’t making professional art. I have always kept a sketchbook to keep hand In.


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