Lisa Purchase

Lisa Purchase

Sales Analytics and Customer Support

Schenectady, United States

Lisa Purchase

Someone always exploring new creative channels and constantly learning new things. Obsessed with classes, craft and trades, expression through art, and pushing my limits to never become stagnant. I am learning antique traditional furniture upholstery from a French Master of the trade upstate New York, which has shown me how much of the design aspect of furniture and interiors that I am most interested in pursuing. Color makes me happy. Patterns in all environments and nature capture my eye. There is so much to learn and try out there in the world, that choosing art of one avenue feel impossible, so learning on a platform like this with so much opportunity at the fingertips is enticing!



Professional listing


  • Boise State University

    Boise, United States

    2004 - 2007

  • City College of San Francisco

    San Francisco, United States

    2014 - 2018