Pablo Ballester

Pablo Ballester

Motion graphics designer

Doha, Qatar

Pablo Ballester

With a huge backround in broadcasting, more than 15 years working in media and specially focused on postproduction and NLE, I've managed to share it among one of my other passions, teaching editors and postproduction rookies. I've worked for broadcasting for TV, major outsourcing projects, documentaries, fiction, as well as reliable editor for big events like F1, America's Cup, football cups...
I love to work on concepts from its basic idea to the final touches, since shooting, aquisition, NLE as well as CG, VFX and color, sometimes as a one man band! If it has keys and screen i can push it to the limit! Nowadays i'm working as Sr. Editor at postproduction department of a major Qatari channel, and yeah!, I love my work, and i love to learn and improve every day!!!



  • La Marxadella

    Torrente, Spain

    1994 - 1999