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Karishma Chugani

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Madrid, Spain

Karishma Chugani

I am an artist, designer, writer and illustrator. I studied fashion design with printing at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London. After that, I got my Masters in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University in Design Futures. Since then, I have worked as a fashion designer, have published several books and have participated in collective and solo exhibitions.
I teach creative workshops to children, teachers and illustrators at my moveable school L'École de Papier. At the school, I research and reproduce many ancient narrative formats such as shadow theatres, theatre books, leperellos and story boxes.
Though my work varies from one project to another, what fascinates me is storytelling. This fascinations transmits itself in my illustrated books, my window displays and my paper cuttings.
I have collaborated as an illustrator in the french magazine Marketing and was invited among 3 other female artist to collaborate in a special edition of Le Chocolat des Français x Instagram (2018) which was launched to celebrate International Women's Day.
My illustrated works include the anthology Los artistas del hambre. Narraciones de la bohemia madrileña (2011); Raconte-Moi Chqara et la musique andalouse (2011), by Mohamed Benlamlih; the 2013 of Leyendas del Rin, written by Victor Hugo; and Este cuerpo es humano · This Body is Human (2015), written by Grassa Toro and translated to English by Claudio Cambon. I am the author of the theatre book To Night and Back · Mece la noche (2015) and the artist book Songs of the jungle (2019), inspired by scenes from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.


  • Paper Cutting Techniques for Storytelling

    Learn the manual techniques to craft a theater book using paper and scissors

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  • Inside a Creative Notebook: Explore Your Illustration Process

    Unlock your creativity with illustration techniques to record and develop your creative process for artistic projects

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  • Paper Playground: Create a Papercut Picturebook

    Create a paper universe full of possibilities using visual ideas from your sketchbook and paper cutting techniques to bring them to life

    A course by Karishma Chugani, Artist, Illustrator, and Educator

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