Jacobo Prieto

Jacobo Prieto

Dirección de Arte

Madrid, Spain

Jacobo Prieto

Half Spanish, half Canadian, I was born in Barcelona (December 1984).
In 1995 I moved to Madrid where I developed a passion for skateboarding, and I was deeply influenced by this activity.

I introduced myself into the creative aspect as a layout artist for
Vogue Spain in 2006. Just one year later I had the honor to participate in the Marie-Claire’s 40th Anniversary Issue. In 2008 I joined Condé Nast Ed., at GQ Spain. This experience GQ was extremely inspiring. In 2010 I had the chance of entering the advertising world as an Art Director at Proximity Madrid (BBDO Group) which was a passion I wanted to pursue. 2013 saw me undertake a move to Los Angeles for further explore career options. In 2014, I came back to Madrid where I am currently working in the new company Está Pasando entertainment.

Besides the professional experience already mentioned, I have carried out other projects as a designer for companies such as: Victoria Sneakers, Caramelo Skateboards, Vodafone, BBVA,
Juxtapoz Latin America, Vice, El País...

My fiancé an I share two special projects under the title of Teenage DJ’s and Teenage Editions.

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