Víctor Iniesta Sampayo

Víctor Iniesta Sampayo

Leganés, Spain

Víctor Iniesta Sampayo

I am Software Developer who has spent most of his professional career working in the back-end environment, with some incursions in the front-end world.

I have 3+ years of experience developing in NodeJS and 4+ years in C/C++, besides other technologies. I have worked in very different projects, which h have allowed me to learn about different technologies and successfully face their challenges.

I am a very proactive person, who is always open to learn new things, and give a second-look to things I already knew.

I am able to work both alone, or as part of a team. I believe co-workers are the most important source of knowledge.

I want to develop my career as much as possible, being more involved in the different stages of a project and taking bigger responsibilities.

I like to work in international environments, where I can interact and learn from people with all over the world.

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